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Rubber Edge Trim

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Rubber edge trim is a highly flexible trim made of dense neoprene rubber for edging applications with excellent wear and ozone resistance that fits most tight radius applications.
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Description Rubber Edge Trim is a highly flexible trim made of either EPDM or dense neoprene rubber, and can be used virtually anywhere a decorative or protective edge is necessary. While both materials provide excellent wear and ozone resistance and fit most tight radius applications, neoprene resists oil and fuel better than EPDM. TrimLok’s Rubber Edge Trim is manufactured to grip on difficult materials, compound curves, and other problematic surfaces.

All Rubber Edge Trim manufactured by Trim-Lok is quick and easy to install – simply push the trim down and it will provide a strong grip on any exposed edge. Although adhesive isn’t required, we recommend using a hot melt adhesive or butyl adhesive sealant to keep the product in place. From parking lot mirrors and scoreboards to dry erase boards and motorcycle helmets, our Rubber Edge Trim can be used for a variety of purposes.

Our Rubber Edge Trim come in various sizes and styles, and are manufactured in the United States using high quality materials guaranteed to meet your expectations. For more information about the strong, resilient gripping power of TrimLok’s Rubber Edge Trim, request a sample or find a qualified sales rep near you.
Resistance to
  • Ozone – Good
  • Water Absorption - Excellent
  • Sunlight Aging - Good
  • Low Temperature – Excellent
  • Compression Set - Good
General Temp. Rating -40°F to +212°F
 Service Temp. Range
-20°F to +158°F
Base Material Dense Neoprene Rubber Blend, 70 Shore A Durometer
EPDM Dense Rubber, 70 Shore A Durometer
Tolerances RMA-Class 2-Precision
Custom Options
(Call for Pricing, Availabilty and to Order)

  • Special Shapes or modifications to Rubber Edge Trim can be developed in order to meet your needs
  • Butyl Sealant - Rubber Edge Trim can be ordered with pre-applied butyl sealant at an additional cost to provide an improved grip and a positive seal with excellent heat reistance (available pre-applied to EPDM Dense Rubber and Dense Neoprene Rubber Blend).
  • Hot Melt Adhesive - Rubber Edge Trim can be ordered with pre-applied adhesive at an additional cost to provide a stronger grip (available pre-applied to Dense Neoprene Rubber Blend).
Code Compliance
Rubber Edge Trim Spec. Sheet (Right Click and Select Save As)