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How to Install All-in-One Wipe Seal


 Trim-Lok's All-in-One Wipe Seal is a single flap slide out seal with attached bulb and tape featuring a patented seamless corner installation for the top and sides of RV Slide Out's.

Trim-Lok's All-in-One Wipe Seal can make a perfect 90-degree turn without a seam in the bulb by making a 3/4” cut through the flap and base at the upper corners of the room opening, resulting in a continuous seal around the top and sides of the room opening! Trim-Lok’s All-in-One Wipe Seal System and patented seamless corner installation method simplifies and shortens installation time, as well as reduces parts in the BOM.

All-in-One Wipe Seal is available in 3 flap lengths. Click here to request a sample.