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Screw Cap Cover

Screw Cap Cover Plastic Trim

Designed to replace the traditional two-piece installation of an aluminum rail and vinyl trim insert, our PATENT PENDING All-in-One design is the SMARTER, LIGHTER, more AFFORDABLE choice!

Custom engineered with Automotive Grade materials, our Hinged Screw Cap Cover creates a clean, streamlined look and unlike the traditional vinyl trim insert, you don't need to worry about the trim flying out while on the road!  Manufactured with highly engineered TPO plastic our Hinged Screw Cap Cover has been designed to reduce expansion and contraction typically seen with other plastics.

Trim-Lok New Hinged Screw Cap Cover Replace Aluminum Rail and Vinyl Insert

Hinged Screw Cap Cover    Hinged Screw Cap Cover

-Aluminum is more expensive and heavier so it costs you more to ship.

-Quickly and easily screw in the rail and snap the cap into place.  No need to install two parts!

-No need to order and stock an aluminum rail and separate vinyl trim.

-No pre-drilling required. Simply use self-tapping screws.

-Grooved channel makes centering screws easy.
-Cut to Size
-Color matching available
-Non-Fading & UV resistant

No longer worry about the vinyl insert flying out while on the road!

Screw Cap Cover Plastic Trim

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