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Hinged Screw Cap Cover

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*Patent Pending Design*

 Due to length restrictions on FedEx this part cannot be purchased online. 

Please contact your Sales Representative to place your order.

Base Color *

For volume pricing above 5,000 feet, please contact Trim-Lok at 888-874-6565

Trim-Lok's All-in-One Hinged Screw Cap Cover is designed to replace the traditional two-piece aluminum rail and vinyl cover insert.  No longer will you need to worry about deteriorating vinyl inserts being blown out of their place while on the road.  Made of durable, non-fading, UV resistant, TPO our attached cover makes installation a breeze and our hinged cap design means it is guaranteed to stay in place.

Cost Savings!
Labor Savings!
SKU Savings!

Aluminum is more expensive, and is heavier, which means it costs more to ship.  Our TPO part is lighter and more cost effective.  Installation is quicker and easier due to our lighter, one-piece design!  You also no longer need to purchase 2 separate parts - one SKU does the job!

Product Features:

-No need for pre-drilling!  Use "self-tapping" screws when installing & our grooved channel makes centering screws easy!
-Durable, non-fading, UV resistant.
-Custom engineered Automotive Grade materials.
-Color Matching available.
-Cut to Length options.

Currently available in two color choice: Black Rail/Black Cap or White Rail/Black Cap.