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Edge Trim Plus

New from Trim-Lok | Our Easiest-to-Install Edge Trim!Plastic Edge Trim Plus text logo on a red gradient background

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Edge Trim Just Got Better!

Edge Trim Plus combines high-quality PVC with newly engineered gripping tongue technology for maximum hold and easy installation. Compared to our standard edge trim, Trim-Lok’s Edge Trim Plus is engineered to be:

· Easier to install with as low as 1 lb. of force per sq. in. versus 20 lbs. with standard edge trim
· Co-extruded with softer tongues and new design for improved grip retention
· Harder to remove for maximum longevity and durability
· Finished in an attractive carbon fiber texture

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Easy to Install

Four sets of flexible gripping tongues bend out of the way during installation to allow for effortless installation without the need for a mallet or pneumatic hammer. Install your plastic edge guard with the press of a finger!  

Hard to Remove

Unique tongue and "backstop" design provides maximum surface friction for unmatched grip retention. Four rotating tongues push into backstops creating increased staying power!

Flexible Edge Trim Sizes

Edge Thickness:  1/16th
Clamping range:  0.040” – 0.095"

Edge Thickness:  1/8th
Clamping Range:  0.095” – 0.156”

Edge Thickness:  3/16th
Clamping Range:  0.156” - 0.219"

Edge Thickness:  1/4th
Clamping Range: 0.219" - 0.281"

Edge Thickness *

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PVC Edge Trim Plus Specs


Trim-Lok’s Edge Trim is a flexible Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) edge trim with a brand-new gripping tongue configuration and individual internal aluminum clips to provide an extremely strong grip. 

Edge Trim Plus delivers uniquely premium performance while saving you time and effort. It is used in a variety of industries and for numerous applications, such as automotive, marine and boating, machinery and manufacturing, and much more.

Why Trim-Lok?

Since 1971, Trim-Lok has been the number one supplier of plastic and rubber products, including edge trim. All Trim-Lok products are proudly made in America, using only high-quality ingredients. With easy application and the versatility to be used in a variety of applications, our Edge Trim Plus is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. For more information about Trim-Lok’s plastic edge trim options, request a sample or contact a local sales representative today.

Resistance to

Ozone – Excellent
Water Absorption – Excellent
Sunlight Aging – Excellent
Low Temperature – Good

General Temperature Rating
for General Applications

-20ºF to 158ºF  |  -29ºC to 70ºC
Outer Coating MaterialPoly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) 85 Durometer, Shore A, Black
Gripping Tongue Material
Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) 70 Durometer Hardness, Shore A, White
Internal Metal Clip MaterialAluminum
Flammability &
Code Compliance
PVC: FMVSS 302, FAA/FAR 23.853, UL 50, UL 844
 ETPB8X1/16 1.5" 1.5" 1.5"
 ETPB8X1/8 1.5" 1.5" 1.5"

Edge Trim Plus cylinder bend top, outside and inside radii

How to Install Flexible Plastic Edge Trim

See how the newly engineered sets of flexible PVC plastic tongues and backstops flex to make installation easier than ever before without losing any grip retention.