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Lip Guard

Lip Guard

Lip Guard is a flexible PVC plastic trim available in black or chrome Mylar. 

Paintable Lip Guard is designed to replace the aluminum trim on fiberglass shells.  Like Lip Guard it's made of flexible PVC plastic but can be painted to a specific color by using a vinyl based paint. 

Designed to meet interior and exterior design requirements, Lip Guard and Paintable Lip Guard are both pliable and durable.  Installation is quick and easy with the 3M™ Acrylic Foam Tape with peel-off liner - just peel and stick!

Can be used as a replacement or a new addition on unfinished edges in many applications:
-Running Boards
-Truck Bed Covers
-Camper Shells
-Fender Flares
-Car Fenders
-Truck Bed Covers
-and More!

Lip Guard & Paintable Lip Guard

Lip Guard & Paintable Lip Guard

Customize your Lip Guard & Paintable Lip Guard by selecting your dimensions and color. Click "VIEW" to build your Lip Guard.