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Snap-In Seal for RV and Camper Slide-Outs

Animation of an RV or camper slide-out seal opening and closing

Keep Wind and Rain Out of Your Camper with RV Slide-Out Snap-In Seals

To keep your RV in working order and prevent damage from the elements, you must regularly maintain your slide-out seals. If you’re waterproofing your camper slide-out, ensure you seal out moisture in all its forms, from rain and dew to sleet and snow.

Trim-Lok aims to make slide-out seals for RVs and gasket maintenance easier than ever with our patented and all-in-one, living-hinge system. This snap-in design combines a three-ribbed bulb seal and flap into one design to make maintenance and repairs simple and easy.

How do you seal an RV slide-out?

If an RV slide-out isn’t properly sealed, air, moisture and daylight can find their way into the vehicle—reducing the comfort, safety and luxury of your RV or camping experience. Trim-Lok’s 3M™ Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive is both an installation aid and a water barrier. By using our snap-in RV slide-out seal, you’ll prevent unwanted leaks for a more pleasant traveling or camping experience.

How to Install RV Slide-Out Seals

To install our single-flap Snap-In Seal, follow these steps:

  • • Clean the application area on your RV or camper
  • • Cut the amount of seal you need for your slide-out room
  • • Peel back the 3M™ Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive liner and apply the seal to the wall
  • • Use staples or screws at six-inch intervals to provide additional strength for the seal
  • • Push the bulb down along the seal to snap it into place
  • • Complete this process for each side until you have completed sealed your room

Have questions? Contact our customer service for installation assistance. Purchase a full Snap-In-Seal kit or request a sample of our single-flap RV seal. If you have ordering questions, please find a sales representative near you. We will help you find the best RV slide-out seal solution—guaranteed.

Custom Camper Slide-Out Seal Case Study

One of our customers struggled to properly seal the slide-out room floor on their industry-leading recreational vehicles. Find out how Trim-Lok helped this RV manufacturer customize a flush-floor bottom pan to increase functionality and quality while reducing SKUs.


Snap-In Seal for RV Slide-Out Wiper Seals

Snap-In Seal for RV Slide-Out Wiper Seals

Trim-Lok's Patented Snap-In Seal combines a 3-ribbed bulb seal and flap into one revolutionary design! Click "VIEW" for more information.


RV Slide-Out Wiper Seal Replacement

RV Slide-Out Wiper Seal Replacement

Trim-Lok’s Snap-In seal kit contains Snap-In Seal, a bottom flap seal, screws for installation and instructions.