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Rubber Extrusions and Rubber Seals

About Extruded Rubber Seals

What is a rubber extrusion profile? Rubber extrusions are parts that are run through an extruder or extrusion machine and forced through a die to manufacture the necessary cross section (or extruded rubber shape), such as squares, cord shapes, and hollow sections. Cross and hollow sections add compression for sealing. 

Rubber Seal Applications

Trim-Lok’s extruded rubber profiles are used for many functions, including:

  • • Window panes
  • • Garage doors
  • • Vehicle sunroofs
  • • Windshields
  • • Tonneau covers
  • • Boat hatches
  • • Other home and vehicle applications

At Trim-Lok, many of our sealing rubber parts are made from a custom- formulated EPDM sponge rubber that protects against extreme weather, drowns out noise, and eliminates vibration. Our rubber shapes are an ideal solution for your rubber extrusion and sealing needs—whether your application is automotive, marine or within another of our supported industries.

Rubber Extrusions and Seals We Carry

Our rubber extrusion and rubber seal inventory includes EPDM rubber seals, extruded rubber tubing and O-ring cord stock, fender flare trim, locking gaskets, rubber edge trim, Rubber-Lok, tools and accessories for trim and seal installation, and weatherproof trim seals. You can customize many of our products to meet the dimensions you need for your application. Our rubber seals and extrusions not only look good—they protect against sounds, weather and vibration to create a lasting seal you can trust. 

Why Rubber Extrusions from Trim-Lok?

Since 1971, Trim-Lok has been the number one source for rubber extrusion profiles. We proudly manufacture our products in the United States and work hard to uphold our reputation for excellence, innovation, and dependability.

Trim-Lok is the brand of choice for the marine, automotive, HVAC, and manufacturing industries. Our extruded rubber shapes work perfectly for a wide variety of interior and exterior applications. Explore our rubber edge trim, trim seal, and other rubber extrusion products. We can help you find the right custom seal for any job.

Adhesive Fender Flare (DD6234BT)

Adhesive Fender Flare (DD6234BT)

Made of EPDM dense rubber, peel-and-stick fender flare installs without any drilling or bolting.