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Interior of a car with automotive trim molding

Leading Automotive Edge Trim Manufacturer 

With over five decades of expertise, Trim-Lok specializes in designing and manufacturing rubber extrusions and trim seals. Our off-the-shelf parts and custom extrusions are highly sought after and relied upon among automotive and transportation OEMs. Backed by superior design and engineering capabilities, we can work directly with you to engineer, prototype and manufacture a custom solution that meets your automotive needs.

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Automotive Trim Applications 

Trim-Lok’s automotive door trims and trim molding can help you achieve a variety of application benefits:

  • Protection: Decrease impact damage with automotive rubber edge trim or plastic edge guards
  • Cost-effectiveness: Avoid costly paint jobs or body repair after damage with increased protection from scratches and dings with trim molding
  • Appearance: Enhance the look of the vehicle with a custom automotive trim for personalization and distinction

Automotive Trim Molding Products & Seals 

Our trims and seals are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also help protect your car or truck from the elements and external damage. Explore some of Trim-Lok’s car trim products below, or on the RV industry, off-road industry and semi-truck industry pages.

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Protect Your Car Doors with Automotive Trim Molding 

Plastic edge guards provide the vehicle molding protection your car or truck door needs against common nicks and dings. By installing automotive trim molding on your doors, you can prevent unsightly and damaging rust with a product that works with your existing paint job. Explore our car door guard options.

You can also use our decorative edge trim with a Mylar finish to create an attractive aesthetic around your car or truck doors.

Custom automotive door trim used on a truck

Custom automotive edge trim













Control Water Runoff with Vehicle Molding

Designed for use on any vehicle, drip rail rain gutters can be used as attractive automotive molding that reduces streaks from snow, dew, and drizzle while keeping your head and interiors dry. To be applied around vehicle window seals and doors, drip rails are easy to install even on vehicles that do not come with them as a standard feature. Learn more about your automotive molding options.

Seal Fender Flares with Automotive Rubber Seals

When replacing or adding fender flares on your vehicle, fender flare trim mounts between the body and the flare. This automotive rubber trim helps your fender flare fit tightly against the vehicle to minimize vibration and gaps while providing an attractive finish. Explore Trim-Lok’s fender flare, made of ozone-resistant EPDM with a 3M automotive-grade tape and designed to easily fit most fender flares. Fender Flare Trim also prevents small rocks and debris from getting caught in the gap that cause damage like scratches to the body, which can lead to rust and corrosion.

Try Before You Buy 

Not sure if a product is right for you? Request a free sample to see our products firsthand before you place your order. 

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FAQs for Automotive Trims & Rubber Seals 

+ Can you accommodate specific trim, seal or gasket requirements for automotive applications?

Our team has a wide array of skill sets and deep industry knowledge. We are prepared to solve your unique automotive challenges and create efficient experiences. We’ll work closely with you to determine your goals and exact requirements.

+ What are your capabilities in producing automotive-specific rubber extrusions, seals and plastic trim products?

For over 50 years, we’ve honed our custom product and design capabilities to ensure we bring industry-specific expertise to the table to meet and solve your challenges head on. We work to accommodate your specific needs through a variety of in-depth capabilities:

  • • On-site customer reviews of the problem
  • • Engineering design and development using the latest in 3D CAD software and FEA
  • • Reverse engineering as required
  • • Secondary design processes, such as splicing, coating or notching
  • • State-of-the-art rapid prototyping techniques
  • • Materials, colors and compounds to match customer requirements
  • • Rigorous quality control
  • • On-site fit trials of first articles
+ Can you provide customization options for automotive trims and seals, such as different colors and surface finishes?

Our team looks for every opportunity to provide the unique methods you require, such as:
  • • Mitered corners and frame assemblies
  • • Film splicing
  • • Slip coating
  • • Custom color matching
  • • Notching, holes or special cut outs
  • • O-rings
  • • In-line printing
  • • Injection molded corners
  • • Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape backing
+ Can you provide information on packaging options for rubber extrusions, trims and seals?

Trim-Lok can provide personalized packaging options for your custom trim molding, extruded rubber seals, custom automotive trims and more. Our custom packaging options include:
  • • Custom boxing
  • • Custom reels
  • • Custom bagging
  • • Header cards for retail
  • • Private label
+ What are your shipping and delivery options for rubber and plastic extrusion, seal and trim products?

We provide timely and cost-efficient shipping from our West Coast and Midwest manufacturing facilities. Most in-stock materials and products can ship on a same-day or next-day schedule.