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off road vehicle dune buggy showing trim seal parts and accessoriesMany of Trim-Lok’s products, including grip wrap and locking gaskets, can be used as extreme performance off-road parts. Check out some examples of how our customers use the parts on their sand cars, below.

foam grip wrap used as sand car parts

Sand Car Parts

Roll Bar Padding

Do you want to add a roll bar pad to the inside of your sand buggy? Use Trim-Lok’s foam grip wrap to protect your body from the desert car’s roll bars. You can install these sand car parts without taking the vehicle apart, allowing you to use it long-term or just when you have guests along for the ride in your side-by-side (SxS) or dune buggy.

Grip wrap works as versatile padding on the following off-road cars and brands:

  • RZR
  • Tatum
  • Playtech
  • TORN
  • Maverick X3
  • TacomaBeast
  • Polaris
locking gasket used as sand car window seal parts

Window Seals

Seal the window or windshield of your off-road sand car using Trim-Lok’s locking gasket. Our rubber locking gaskets can resist the elements, severe temperatures, oxygen, acids, and aging. They’re free of odors and have outstanding color stability. Easily apply them as parts to your off-road windshield or window.

Replaceable Grip

Are there any handles or bars in your off-road car that you’d like to ensure a firm grip on? Explore our sweat-absorbent replaceable grip wrap and tape to prevent slips.

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