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Technical Information

Design Guide

This guide is intended to give design engineers the basic facts needed to begin the process of designing effective rubber seals, gaskets and weather stripping. It is not intended to provide every piece of information available on the process or extrusion, the amount of information available is simply too great. However, it should serve as a starting point and give engineers the necessary information to better understand what they will need to consider during the design process.

Design Considerations

Learn the different steps and considerations that you need to take in order to design in the perfect seal or gasket!

Utilizing the Right Material

EPDM, Neoprene, or PVC; use this guide to help you chosse the right material for your application.

What's the Right Adhesive

Need some tape on that Rubber Seal? Check out this guide to make choosing the proper tape a breeze!

Custom Corners

Bonded, hot spliced, cold spliced, learn about your options for custom vulcanized corners.

Installation Videos & PDF

Use our installation videos to properly install your Gasket or Seal!

Additional Capabilities

Learn more about Trim-Lok, and what it has to offer in terms of Quality Control, Custom Extrusion, and many of our other additional capabilities!

Spec. Sheets & Supporting Test Data

Need some data, or specs. on some of most popular products? This is the spot.

Catalog 700

Browse our most recent Catalog to learn more about our product lines.