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For more than 50 years, Trim-Lok has served as a leading industry supply provider for custom trims, rubber seals, edge trims, and locking gaskets to clients across many industries. Check out the industries we serve to learn how our trims and rubber seals protect and enhance a wide variety of applications.


Interior of a car with automotive trim molding
Trim and vehicle molding protect cars and trucks against nicks, dings, and water runoff. Learn about these products for the automotive industry, including how to seal fender flares with rubber seals.

Commercial Work Trucks

Trims & Seals for Commercial Work Trucks
Looking for truck door seals, cap seals or trim for trucks in the commercial sector? Find the durable rubber or PVC product right for your commercial trucks.


Trims & Seals for The Construction Industry
Worksites require reliable heavy-equipment vehicles to get the job done. Our parts ensure a tight seal against dirt, moisture and weather. With Trim-Lok, you get quality products designed to help you maintain safe, clean and secure heavy equipment.


Trim-Lok's HVAC industry
Looking for heat resistant seals for a furnace or edge guards for an HVAC replacement part? Explore Trim-Lok’s trims and seals for damper blades, access doors, vibration control and more.


Industrial automaker’s factory floor with assembly line and car doors
The OEM industry relies on Trim-Lok for edge trim, O-rings, lid seals, and more. Explore our industrial parts supply capabilities, including industrial rubber seals, adhesives, and other manufacturing parts.


Marine vessel with boat edge trim and molding
Weather strip and protect your boat from rain, cold, wind or heat with Trim-Lok’s PVC plastic trim. Find the boat parts and accessories you need, from window seals to rubber trim seals and clips.

Off Road Vehicles

A yellow and red dune buggy or sand car on a large dune
Our trim seals, grip locks, and locking gaskets protect passengers in off-road sand cars or dune buggies. Learn how this industry uses our foam grip wraps and window seals.

Power Generation

Trims & Seals for the Power Generation Industry
Trim-Lok makes parts for windows & doors on generators, including generator seals and electrical gaskets. Explore parts for the power generation industry now.

Recreation & Fitness

Foam rubber grips on bicycle handlebars
Improve your athletic pursuits with Trim-Lok’s fitness equipment parts. We offer barbell and pull-up grips, kettlebell and dumbbell grips, and scooter and bike handlebar grips.

Recreational Vehicles

RV and camper trim molding
RVs need protection from the weather in several places, from doorways to baggage compartments to slide-out rooms. Explore our OEM and aftermarket RV parts, weatherproofed and designed for heavy use.

Semi Trucks

trim seal for door for semi truck industry
Trim-Lok’s aftermarket semi-truck parts allow you to find the accessories you need for a safe and reliable vehicle. Explore our parts, from locking gaskets for spot windows to truck door edge guards.

Truck and Trailer

Truck and Trailer
Achieve a weather-tight seal or add a decorative edge. Learn how flatbeds, freight trucks and other hauling or towing trucks use trim seals and Fender Flare to seal and protect.