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Truck and Trailer

truck and trailer rubber trim Are you looking for heavy-duty truck parts like a universal fender flare or fender flare trim, drip rail, or trailer door seals? Explore Trim-Lok’s highest quality truck and trailer parts for OEM or aftermarket customers below, and let us know if you have questions or custom needs.

Bucket Truck & Trailer Door Seals

Bucket trucks and trailer trucks require heavy-duty rubber seals to protect the vehicle and its contents from the elements and aging. As the number-one source for sealing rubber extrusions Rubber-Lok provides custom, easy-install clip seals that fit and protect your truck and trailer.

Aftermarket Fender Flare and Trim

If you need to replace your truck or trailer fender flares or add some trim to seal the gap between your vehicle’s flare and body, explore Trim-Lok’s universal Fender Flare or Fender Flare Trim. Trim-Lok truck and trailer fender flare installs quickly and easily without any need for drilling or bolting.  Fender flare trim will minimize vibrations and gaps while providing an attractive finish.

Cargo Trailer Drip Rail Gutter

Are you looking for a well-fitting drip rail to protect your truck and your head from rain? This custom plastic drip edge adds functionality and style to trucks, trailers, RVs and more. Learn more about drip rails.