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Drip Rail

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About This Vehicle or RV Gutter Rail

Trim-Lok’s Drip Rail is a flexible plastic, peel-and-stick drip edge rain gutter that eliminates the time-consuming installation process required with aluminum rain gutters. Our peel-and-stick tape attachment method doesn’t require any drilling or bolting and eliminates the risk of rust and corrosion. This high-quality rubber drip rail is ideal for a wide variety of vehicles, such as trucks, cars, and vans.

Placed along the top of your windshield it eliminates streaking from dirt and water. It also serves as an RV gutter guard above doors and windows to keep rain, dew and drizzle from dripping into your recreational vehicle.

Benefits of drip rail molding:

  • • Easily installed with 3M acrylic automotive-grade foam tape
  • • Bonds above windows on your truck, car, RV, or boat to channel off water
  • • Eliminate streaks from dew and drizzle
  • • Controls water runoff

Trim-Lok uses 3M Tapes
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Why do I need a drip rail?

Whether you’re restoring a classic car, RV, or improving a newer model, finding high-quality, good-fitting replacement drip rails or gutter trims is essential. With Trim-Lok’s line of auto and RV drip rail molding, there’s no guesswork involved because each piece has been manufactured to our high standards for a great fit that’s guaranteed each and every time. Manufactured from long-lasting plastic and with high-quality adhesive, our plastic drip edge and drip rail products will add value, style, and functionality to any vehicle, RVs and muscle cars included.

Why doesn’t my car have drip rail molding already?

Drip rails, sometimes referred to as RV rain gutters or gutter trims, used to come standard on all automobiles. In the 1980s, the stock feature gradually started to disappear from newer makes and models. Despite the benefits they provide, drip rails and RV gutters are no longer a standard feature for modern vehicles.

How do I install a rubber drip rail?

Fortunately, our rubber drip edge is easy to install even if your vehicle has never had a drip rail. It simply bonds to the area above the windows on your truck, car, RV, or boat, and channels off water so your head and car interior stays dry. Especially useful in rainy or snowy environments, our vehicle or RV gutter rail will help eliminate streaks from dew and drizzle while controlling water runoff.

What are the benefits of a Trim-Lok Drip Rail?

Manufactured from durable PVC plastic, our drip rail is a highly durable alternative to many of the rain gutter replacement parts available on the market.

Available in black or white, and in a height of 29/32”, our flexible drip edge and RV drip rail molding is sure to fit most applications. While this feature will reduce the amount of rain that gets into your vehicle, snow can still be an issue. To avoid any inconvenience, experts recommend keeping a snow brush handy and brush off the roof before opening your doors.

If you’re looking for a stylish and flexible drip edge with resiliency and durability to match, look no further. Find an international distributor or contact a sales representative today to purchase a high-quality drip rail.

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Drip Rail Rain Gutter

Description Trim-Lok’s Drip Rail is a flexible plastic peel-and-stick rain gutter that eliminates the time consuming installation process for aluminum rain gutters. These reliable, high-quality RV gutter rails keep rain, dew and drizzle from entering your vehicle, ensuring the interior stays dry. Drip rails are available in white or black.
Adhesive 3M acrylic foam tape with peel-off liner
General Temperature Rating -20° Degrees to +158°F Degrees
Material Vinyl (PVC), Hardness: 97 Durometer (Shore A)
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How to Install Drip Rails

Watch the video to see a demonstration and learn how to install drip rails.