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HVAC rubber pipe seals for ceiling ventilation ducts

Trims & Seals for the HVAC Industry

Looking for heat-resistant seals for a furnace or edge guards for an HVAC replacement part? Explore Trim-Lok’s trims and seals for damper blades, access doors, vibration control and more.

Leading HVAC Rubber Extrusion Manufacturer

Trim-Lok specializes in rubber extrusions and plastic trim seals for the HVAC industry. We offer off-the-shelf parts as well as custom extrusions for heating, cooling, and ventilation OEMs. With decades of proven expertise, our design and engineering capabilities are unmatched for the HVAC industry and commercial HVAC parts. We can work directly with you to engineer, prototype and manufacture a custom solution that meets your needs.

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HVAC Application Benefits 

Our HVAC seals and rubber edge trims can help you achieve a variety of application benefits, such as:

  • Durability: Withstand demanding conditions, including temperature fluctuations and constant movement
  • Flexibility: Ensure a proper fit that contours to irregular shapes and challenging areas
  • Protection: Shield sensitive HVAC areas from outside factors, such as dust, moisture and contaminants
  • Noise reduction: Help lessen noise during operation and contribute to a more comfortable indoor environment

HVAC Seals & Gaskets

Rooftop system requires heat resistant HVAC seals

The right HVAC gasket or seal can easily complete your repair or replacement project. Our engineers know this, which is why we listen closely to your desired application and work to provide a custom edge trim or trim seal solution for your design.

Trim-Lok offers heat resistant seals and trims for HVAC replacement parts to:

  • • Seal panel openings, flaps and doors
  • • Reduce motor transmission or fan vibration
  • • Allow for thermal expansion and contraction
  • • Protect outdoor applications from UV light, moisture and low temperatures

Applications for Heat Resistant Seals

In addition to our edge trims and trim seals, customers commonly use our rubber seals (X2828, X109BT, X119HT), dual durometer trim, and flap seals for HVAC projects.

Round EPDM rubber gasket for HVAC industry

Common applications include:

  • • Damper blade seals
  • • Access door gaskets
  • • Screw cover gaskets
  • • Duct/rubber pipe seals
  • • Weather stripping
  • • Edge guards
  • • Vibration control
  • • HVAC gaskets

What Is an EPDM Rubber Gasket Used For?

EPDM rubber gaskets and seals are used for sealing environments from ozone, oxygen, acids, weather, sunlight and aging. EPDM rubber provides excellent stability and heat resistance. These properties make it an ideal choice for the HVAC industry.

Heat-Resistant Seal Materials

The combination of materials and adhesives are key to a gasket’s success in its application. As a leading plastic and rubber extrusion manufacturer, we offer custom material selection and design assistance to ensure you get the best possible solution for your application. For HVAC applications, we may use flexible PVC trim, EPDM sponge rubber compound or a combination of materials, such as silicone, polypropylene and TPV.

We assist with material selection by evaluating your HVAC application requirements and material properties such as tensile strength, compression set. We also choose the material based on resistance to heat, abrasion, erosion and flame. Learn more about our materials.

HVAC Seal Secondary Operations

A variety of secondary operations complement our custom design and manufacturing processes for rubber pipe seals, HVAC gaskets, heat resistant seals and trims for HVAC replacement parts. We offer the following secondary operations:

  • • Cut to length
  • • Frame assemblies
  • • O-ring assemblies
  • • Notching
  • • Slip coating
  • • Drilling/notching
  • • Inline taping*

*If your application requires fastening, pressure-sensitive tape can eliminate the need for screws or other fastening methods such as clips. Contact us to learn how we can help you meet pricing and application goals for your HVAC project.

Try Before You Buy

Not sure if a product is right for you? Request a free sample to see our products firsthand before you place your order.

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+Can you accommodate specific trim, seal or gasket requirements for HVAC applications?

Our team has a wide array of skill sets and deep industry knowledge. We are prepared to solve your unique HVAC challenges and create efficient experiences. We’ll work closely with you to determine your goals and exact requirements.

+What are your capabilities in producing rubber and plastic extrusion, seal and trim products specific for HVAC systems/equipment or air handling units?

For over 50 years, we’ve honed our custom product and design capabilities to ensure we bring HVAC industry-specific expertise to the table to meet and solve your challenges head on. We work to accommodate your specific needs through a variety of in-depth capabilities:

  • • On-site customer reviews of the problem
  • • Engineering design and development using the latest in 3D CAD software and FEA
  • • Reverse engineering as required
  • • Secondary design processes, such as splicing, coating or notching
  • • State-of-the-art rapid prototyping techniques
  • • Materials, colors and compounds to match customer requirements
  • • Rigorous quality control
  • • On-site fit trials of first articles

+Are you able to accommodate any specific requirements or specifications for the HVAC industry?

As the leading rubber and plastic extrusion manufacturer, we look for every opportunity to provide the unique methods you require, such as:

  • • Mitered corners and frame assemblies
  • • Film splicing
  • • Slip coating
  • • Custom color matching
  • • Notching, holes or special cut outs
  • • O-rings
  • • In-line printing
  • • Injection molded corners
  • • Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape backing

+ Can you provide samples of your rubber and plastic extrusion, seal and trim products for us to evaluate?

You can request a free sample of our rubber seals and plastic trims before you place a bulk order or contact us for a custom solution. 

+ Can you provide information on packaging and shipping options for rubber and plastic extrusion, seal and trim products?

Trim-Lok can provide personalized packaging options for your custom trim molding, extruded rubber seals, custom HVAC trims and more. Our custom packaging options include:

  • • Custom boxing
  • • Custom reels
  • • Custom bagging
  • • Header cards for retail
  • • Private label

+ Do you offer any warranties or guarantees for your rubber and plastic extrusion, seal and trim products?

Trim-Lok, Inc. warrants all products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from date of purchase. This warranty does not include damage to products resulting from accident, misuse, improper installation or storage, and unauthorized alterations.

Learn more about our product warranties.

+ What are your delivery options for rubber and plastic extrusion, seal and trim products for HVAC equipment?

We provide timely and cost-efficient shipping from our West Coast and Midwest manufacturing facilities. Most in-stock materials and products can ship on a same-day or next-day schedule.