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biking on a trail using foam grip handlesAre you looking for ways to make your recreation equipment more comfortable? Do you want to customize your exercise equipment to make your workout even more impactful? Explore the ways Trim-Lok’s fitness equipment parts can improve your athletic pursuits.

Barbell and Pull-Up Bar Grips

barbell and pull up bar grip wrap

Do sweat and discomfort get in the way when you’re using the pull-up bar or lifting weights using a barbell? Add sweat-absorbent and slip-proof grip wrap to your pull-up bar or barbell to improve your grip and create a more reliable, comfortable piece of exercise equipment.

Kettlebell and Dumbbell Grips

Improve your grip and the weight you’re able to achieve with your kettlebell or dumbbell by adding grip wrap to the handle. These foam grip parts, customizable to your equipment, and Grip Tape create the comfort you need to accelerate your workout.

Scooter & Bike Handlebar Grips

Do you need to replace the grip on your bicycle or scooter? Trim-Lok’s grip wrap and Grip Tape is ideal for absorbing sweat from your hands to prevent slipping and optimize comfort. Whether you’re a serious cyclist or recreational scooter, explore your high-performance grip options to find the right one for your handlebar.