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Semi Trucks

semi truck trim accessoriesAre you looking for OEM or aftermarket truck parts? From blind spot windows to truck door edge guards, Trim-Lok’s aftermarket semi-truck parts allow you to find the accessories you need for a safe and reliable vehicle for your or your clients’ unique needs. Explore our parts below.

Truck Blind Spot Window Seals

EPDM locking gasket for semi trucks

If your 18-wheeler or truck would benefit from a drivers-side small peeper window, you need a weatherproof, heat- and cold-resistant seal to hold it in place. Trim-Lok’s EPDM locking gasket provides excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight, severe weather conditions, oxygen, acids, and aging, making it an ideal window seal for semi-truck blind spot windows. Explore the product at the link above for more information.

Truck Door Edges & Seals

Plastic Edge Trim

As the product of choice in the automotive and transportation industries, Trim-Lok’s plastic edge trim products make ideal semi-truck door edge finishes. These plastic clips and trim profiles are made of strong material like PVC and require no fancy tools or skills to install. We promise a secure hold, and we offer decorative finishes to match the semi-truck’s design.

Rubber Trim-Seals

custom trim seal for semi trucks

Do you need a reliable door seal to protect your 18-wheeler from weather damage with a clean, finished look? Rubber trim-seals are made from flexible PVC plastic trim with an attached EPDM sponge rubber tubing, and they come in bulb sizes ranging from .20 inches to 1 inch with custom fits available. They stay in place through extreme weather and temperatures while providing superior flexibility and easy installation. Learn more about our rubber trim-seals for truck doors.

Replaceable Handle Grip

Are there any handles or bars on your truck you’d like to ensure a firm grip on? Explore our replaceable grip wrap and tape to prevent slips.