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Semi Trucks

Semi-truck parts and plastic trim accessoriesAre you looking for OEM or aftermarket truck parts? From blind spot windows to truck door edge guards, Trim-Lok’s aftermarket semi-truck parts allow you to find the accessories you need for a safe and reliable vehicle for your or your clients’ unique needs. Explore our parts below.

Your Leading Trucking Industry Rubber Seal Manufacturer 

Trim-Lok has been a leading-edge partner to OEMs in the trucking industry for more than five decades. Our expert designers and engineers develop high-quality, off-the-shelf semi-truck parts— from window seals to truck door edges, color-matched plastic edge trims, rubber trim seals, and much more. In fact, our knowledge of the trucking industry and our in-house manufacturing abilities make us the No. 1 choice if you require custom semi-truck parts for a complex problem. We work closely with you, while offering fast turnaround times on our American-made products. 


Application Benefits 

Whether you need trims and seals for one rig or a fleet of semi-trucks, Trim-Lok can supply a solution. You’ll find that our semi-truck parts are ideal for applications on service/mechanic trucks, lube trucks, combo fuel/lube service trucks, sign trucks, and semi-truck equipment. Our semi-truck door seals and trims offer a variety of practical benefits, including: 

  • Protection: Protect against road debris, rain, snow and ice to prolong the lifespan of the semi-truck.
  • Noise and vibration reduction: Improve driving quality through increased comfort.
  • Durability: Withstand wear over long-distance trucking.
  • Appearance: Enhance or customize aesthetics by adding a clean, finished trim.

Truck Blind Spot Window Seals

EPDM locking gaskets for semi trucking industry

If your 18-wheeler or truck would benefit from a drivers-side small peeper window, you need a weatherproof, heat- and cold-resistant seal to hold it in place. Trim-Lok’s EPDM locking gasket provides excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight, severe weather conditions, oxygen, acids, and aging, making it an ideal window seal for semi-truck blind spot windows.

Semi-Truck Door Seals & Edge Trims

Plastic Edge Trim

As the product of choice in the automotive and transportation industries, Trim-Lok’s plastic edge trim products make ideal semi-truck door edge finishes. These plastic clips and trim profiles are made of strong material like PVC and require no fancy tools or skills to install. We promise a secure hold, and we offer decorative finishes to match the semi-truck’s design.

Rubber Trim-Seals

Custom semi-truck parts for commercial fleets

Do you need a reliable door seal to protect your 18-wheeler from weather damage with a clean, finished look? Rubber trim-seals are made from flexible PVC plastic trim with an attached EPDM sponge rubber tubing, and they come in bulb sizes ranging from .20 inches to 1 inch with custom fits available. They stay in place through extreme weather and temperatures while providing superior flexibility and easy installation. Learn more about our rubber trim-seals for truck doors.

Replaceable Handle Grip

Are there any handles or bars on your semi-truck you’d like to ensure a firm grip on? Explore our replaceable grip wrap and tape to prevent slips.

Try Before You Buy 

Not sure if an off-the-shelf product is right for you? Request a free sample to see our products firsthand before you place your order.


Semi Trucking Industry FAQs

+ Can you accommodate custom requests for rubber seals and plastic trims for a fleet of commercial semi-trucks?

Our team has a wide array of skill sets and deep industry knowledge. We are prepared to solve your unique commercial trucking industry challenges and create efficient experiences. We’ll work closely with you to determine your goals and exact requirements.

+ What are your capabilities in producing commercial trucking and semi-truck trims and seals?

Trim-Lok has over 50 years of custom product and design capabilities, and our product engineers are experts in semi-truck door seals, window seals, plastic edge trims, and rubber trim seals. We work to accommodate your specific commercial trucking needs through a variety of in-depth capabilities:

  • • On-site customer reviews of the problem
  • • Engineering design and development using the latest in 3D CAD software and FEA
  • • Reverse engineering as required
  • • Secondary design processes, such as splicing, coating or notching
  • • State-of-the-art rapid prototyping techniques
  • • Materials, colors and compounds to match customer requirements
  • • Rigorous quality control
  • • On-site fit trials of first articles

+ How can your rubber and plastic extrusions improve the safety and reliability of our fleet of commercial semi-trucks?

As a leading rubber seal manufacturer, we ensure our seals and trims are crafted from the highest quality and most durable materials. This helps us provide you with custom semi-truck parts that resist wear and tear during long-distance trucking, as well as reduce noise and vibration for a more comfortable, aerodynamic ride. By giving your semi-truck added protection against the elements, our trims and seals help to safely prolong its lifespan.

+ How do you ensure the quality of your semi-truck parts?

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Our objective is to ship quality and reliable products to all our valued customers. Our goal is to maintain a Quality Management System that meets or exceeds the requirements specified in the ISO 9001:2015 / IATF 16949:2016 Standard.

We are continuously improving the manufacturing process, products and service, without compromising quality, to meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

Learn more about our quality policy.

+ Do you offer warranties or guarantees on your trucking industry rubber seals and plastic trims?

Trim-Lok, Inc. warrants all products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from date of purchase. This warranty does not include damage to products resulting from accident, misuse, improper installation or storage, and unauthorized alterations.

Learn more about our product warranties.

+ Can you provide information on lead times?

Trim-Lok is based in Buena Park, California, with additional manufacturing capabilities in the Midwest at our Elkhart, Indiana location. Both locations help us serve semi-truck customers in high-need regions, such as the Pacific northwest, the southeast, and Florida. Customers enjoy shorter lead times and decreased shipment times due to these two convenient locations.

+ Can you provide information on packaging options for rubber extrusions, trims and seals?

Trim-Lok can provide personalized packaging options for your custom trim molding, extruded rubber seals, custom semi-truck edge trims and more. Our custom packaging options include:

  • • Custom boxing
  • • Custom reels
  • • Custom bagging
  • • Header cards for retail
  • • Private label

+ What are your shipping and delivery options for rubber and plastic extrusion, seal and trim products for commercial trucking and semi-truck manufacturers?

We provide timely and cost-efficient shipping from our West Coast and Midwest manufacturing facilities. Most in-stock materials and products can ship on a same-day or next-day schedule.