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Power Generation

A large industrial generator with a window sound barrier

Trims & Seals for the Power Generation IndustryAn orange portable generator on a trailer with a generator seal on the door panel

Looking for weatherstripping for windows on power generators? Whether you need a solution for a portable generator or an industrial generator, Trim-Lok offers seals and trims that provide excellent noise reduction and weather-tight benefits for sealing compartments and panels.

Portable Generator Parts

Run portable generators outside in all weather conditions—from rain and snow to heat and humidity. Trim-Lok designs custom seals and trims for your generator parts. Our weatherstripping protects removeable panels and keeps dust, dirt and moisture out. By sealing out the elements, you prevent damage to your portable generator and create a much-needed power supply for your home, office or RV.

Reduce Noise with a Generator SealA gasket seal used for weatherstripping a window on industrial generator enclosure

Without a proper seal against noise and vibration, portable generators can emit overly disruptive sounds. Trim-Lok’s EPDM rubber seals help drown out noise on heavy machinery, vehicles and portable generators. That’s one reason our customers in the power generation industry have relied on our rubber seals for their generator parts for decades.

Protect Generator Wires with Edge Trim

If you need to cut a hole in the panel of your portable generator to run a hose, you should protect the interior wires from touching the metal panel. Use Trim-Lok’s rubber edge trim to create a grommet and prevent the wires from scraping against the metal surface. Too much vibration or scraping against the metal edge will eventually cause the wires to wear out. Our rubber edge trim is flexible enough to bend into a U-shaped gasket for lining the hole.

A row of white industrial generators with weatherstripping window seals

Industrial Generator Parts

Industrial generators hold large engines to power buildings or small communities. Some industrial generators are compact enough to remain portable and can be transported via trailer to construction sites where crews need robust flood lights to complete dark jobs or run electricity for power tools.

Gasket Seals for a Window Sound Barrier

Industrial generator parts such as windows and panels are useful for visibility and accessibility but can let noise escape and travel throughout the building where the generator is stored. To create a window sound barrier, install Trim-Lok’s locking gasket seals between the window and body panel. In addition to sealing noise inside the enclosure, locking gaskets also offer outstanding color stability, odor-free characteristics and high-heat resistance.

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A gasket seal used for weatherstripping a window on industrial generator enclosure

Trim Seals for Enclosure Doors

Handles or hinges often accompany a door or access panel on industrial generator enclosures to allow for maintenance. Ensure a weather-tight seal that protects against moisture, dust, debris, ozone and aging with our trim seals. Customize or combine trim seals with our rubber edge trim and any of our rubber seals, such as ribbed profiles, co-extruded pedestals with sponge rubber bulbs, or flap seals to complement your application.

Materials & Secondary Operations

At Trim-Lok, we work with you to design the custom trim or seal that meets your unique application requirements. We offer a variety of materials, depending on the environment in which your generator functions—from neoprene or EPDM rubber for weatherproofing and sealing to silicone for high-heat environments. Additionally, we can pre-cut your desired generator seal and miter the pieces together, as well as form O-rings, bond parts, and vulcanize window gaskets.

Contact us to learn how we can help you meet pricing and application goals for your power generation application.


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