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About This Edge Guard Trim

Trim-Lok Edge Guard is a flexible plastic trim available in clear, black, or chrome Mylar cover. Pre-glued with hot-melt adhesive, edge guard trim provides a secure fit and beautiful, finished appearance.

  • • 5/16" Leg length fits edge up to 1/8"
  • • 7/16" Leg length fits edge up to 3/16"

This product is an excellent car door edge guard for everything from work trucks to semi-trucks, personal vehicles and more. Typical applications for protective edging include:

  • • Car door edge guards
  • • Furniture
  • • Running boards
  • • Fender flares
  • • And more


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Why do I need protective edge guard?

When it comes to car door edge guards, they are asked to do several vital things. First, they protect your car door against unsightly nicks and dings, which over time can lead to rust and further damage, and work with—not distract from—your existing paint job. Edge guards also work to cover or disguise rough, jagged edges while protecting the hands and body from potential scrapes or injury.

Trim-Lok offers rubber edge guards and edge protector trim in a range of leg lengths and styles to complement your shiny coat of paint as it keeps paint chips, scratches, and damage at bay.

What applications use edge guard trim?

Although plastic edge protectors are primarily used in the automotive industry, they can also be used for applications that range from furniture to running boards and fender flares. Whether you need to protect your car or truck from door dings or are in the wholesale furniture business, Trim-Lok has a flexible edge protector that’s guaranteed to fit your unique application. Our pre-glued, clear plastic door edge trim also comes in black, white, or with a chrome Mylar finish—giving it a beautiful, finished appearance.

A red truck uses a door edge guard to protect against scrapes, nicks, and injuries.

How do I install my flexible door edge protector?

Trim-Lok’s plastic door edge guards and furniture edge trim can be installed and removed by virtually anyone, as professional installation is unnecessary. The pre-applied, hot-melt adhesive or optional butyl adhesive sealant (call us for information) makes installation simple: 

  • • Cut the edge guard trim to the desired length, preferably using a good, sturdy pair of clippers to ensure a clean cut.
  • • Press the plastic edge guard down along the edge you are covering, providing even pressure throughout application. The adhesive seal will adhere to the edge with ease and create a tight seal.

To remove your protective edging, simply apply heat to the car door edge guard, peel off the edge protector and remove any excess adhesive. The application and removal of car door edge guards is quick and hassle free. Navigate to the Installation Video tab above to watch an installation demonstration on a truck door edge.

With easy application, flexibility around body lines, and the ability to trim or cut the edge guard trim to the length you desire, there are plenty of product highlights that set Trim-Lok’s protective edging apart from other options available on the market. If you’re looking for a stylish and flexible door edge protector with resiliency and durability to match, look no further than Trim-Lok. Find an international distributor or contact a sales representative today to purchase a high-quality edge guard.

Description Trim-Lok Edge Guard is a pre-glued, flexible plastic trim with a mylar or clear cover. It gives a beautiful, finished appearance. Use it for car door edges, furniture, vending machines, fender flares, and many other applications that may require protective edging or an attractive finish. This clear plastic edge trim also comes in black, white, or a chrome Mylar finish.
Base Material Vinyl (PVC), Hardness: 97 Durometer (Shore A)
Genera Temperature Rating -20ºF to 158ºF | (-29ºC to 70ºC)
Decorative Finish Mylar

Hot melt adhesive
Optional butyl adhesive sealant

View the Edge Guard Trim Spec Sheet

How to Install Edge Guard and Decorative Edge Trim

Find out how to install car door edge guards. Watch the video now to see a demonstration on a truck door edge.


Diagram illustration of protective edging radius

Edge Guard Radius Study
  5\16 inch
7.94 mm
7\16 inch
11.11 mm
  Top Inside Outside Top Inside Outside
Minimum Radius 1.50 inch
38.1 mm
1.50 inch
38.1 mm
N/A 2.00+ inch
50.8 mm
2.00+ inch
50.8 mm
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