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Drip Edge Installation Instructions of Drip Rail

Find out the steps for installing drip edge or dripguard, including Trim-Lok’s drip rail, by watching the video above. You can refer to the steps on this page as you go. Remember, 98% of adhesion failures are caused by contamination, so follow these simple steps carefully.

Steps for Installing Drip Edge

  1. Thoroughly clean the application surface with a solution of one part alcohol and one part water and a clean rag.
  2. Peel the adhesive liner back, small sections at one time and apply the drip rail to the surface as you go to prevent adhesive contamination.
  3. Reposition any crooked applications by lifting and reapplying the adhesive back.
  4. Apply pressure with your hand or a wooden roller and wait 72 hours for full-strength adhesion.

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