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Trim-Lok's Patented All-in-One Wipe Seal System is an Industry First!



Elkhart, May 17, 2023:  Trim-Lok’s newest All-in-One Wipe Seal System for RV slide outs is a groundbreaking RV seal and an RV industry first.  Their patented All-in-One Wipe Seal System provides a consistent seal around the slide out room opening with no seams at the corners, unlike all other slide out seals that are installed with seams in the top corner of the opening!  Trim-Lok’s one-piece design drastically eliminates water intrusion in an area that OEM’s have struggled with since the development of the slide out decades ago. Trim-Lok’s All-in-One Wipe Seal System features a bulb with an “outer leg” creating an improved sealing surface against the slide out facia and acts as a gutter to divert water away from the room opening, improving overall water management.  

The All-in-One Wipe Seal System can make a perfect 90-degree turn without a seam in the bulb by making a 3/4” cut through the flap and base at the upper corners of the room opening, resulting in a continuous seal around the top and sides of the room opening! Trim-Lok’s patented All-in-One Wipe Seal System and installation method simplifies and shortens installation time, as well as reduces parts in the BOM.  Installation instructions are available by visiting us online or scanning the QR code found below.
“Combined with Trim-Lok’s patented All-in-One family of parts, including bottom pan and wear bar, Trim-Lok has a solution that improves weather stripping and simplifies installation and ordering for nearly every RV being produced today,” Dan Whitener, Vice-President & COO.  “Trim-Lok has been providing edge trims, bulb seals and many other critical parts to RV manufacturers for over 50 years, and we recently expanded our Midwest operations into a brand-new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Elkhart, Indiana.  Our commitment to innovation, quality and growth and an expanded sales team and support staff in the Midwest is leading to new innovations being brought to market.”

For more information on the Trim-Lok family of RV products, please contact Kelly Klein at or Nick Godfrey at


Trim-Lok, Inc. is a global leader in thermoplastic and thermoset rubber profile extrusions.  Since 1971, their innovative and traditional processing methods have enabled them to meet the most challenging requirements for top quality plastic and rubber trim and seal parts. Their highly skilled team can design parts and tooling, and then fabricate to your exact specifications ensuring performance and value.  Trim-Lok maintains a Quality Management System that meets or exceeds the requirements specified in the ISO 9001:2015 / IATF 16949:2016 Standard.

Trim-Lok, Inc. adheres to strict quality control standards, using only the highest quality automotive grade raw materials, and invests in modern equipment and highly skilled employees who are experienced in all phases of manufacturing and production so that you can count on reliability, efficiency, and repeatability. Extensive research, development and compression testing has led to industry leading results in compression set and durability.  

To request a free Trim-Lok catalog and order free product samples, please visit, or call toll free at  888-TRIM-LOK (874-6565).