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Trim-Lok's Quality Control Processes

Ensuring Repeatability, Efficiency & Quality

Quality control at Trim-Lok starts with confidence, repeatability and consistency. We’re dedicated to quality in every aspect of management, production, science and technology, and customer service. Quality control doesn’t end after our trims and seals are designed and manufactured. It’s woven into everything we do, from inspections to certificates to equipment accuracy and engineering expertise.


Rubber Extrusion Process

Trim-Lok's custom rubber extrusions differ from molded rubber products. Our extruded rubber trims and seals, made with unvulcanized rubber compounds, are forced through a die under pressure. After being fed through the extruder, the rubber is soft and pliable before it’s hardened Into its finished form.

Every step of the rubber extrusion process is monitored and held to rigorous quality control standards by our team.

Plastic Extrusion Process

The plastic extrusion process begins with raw material, such as plastic flakes or pellets, which is fed into an extruder barrel. The plastic is then heated, pushed and pressured as it exits the barrel. It enters a custom die in the shape of the desired product or plastic profile. Finally, it cools and solidifies.

We make our PVC clips and plastic trim profiles from strong materials to ensure dependability. They are also completely safe and easy to install—in fact, our plastic trims require no fancy tools or skills for installation. We strive to achieve quality plastic extrusions every time.