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Trim-Lok's Timeline for Custom Rubber Extrusions & Plastic Profiles

Custom Engineering Capabilities

Trim-Lok’s engineers and designers leverage decades of industry expertise and material knowledge to create custom products that solve any problem. We utilize rapid prototyping, on-site machinery and cost-efficient shipping from our convenient West Coast and Midwest locations. With extensive custom capabilities, we’re ready to help you personalize trims and seals.

Watch the video to learn about the customization process we leverage to help you create custom rubber extrusions, custom plastic extrusions, as well as custom trims, molding and plastic profiles.


Our Custom Order Process

We prioritize collaboration, expertise and efficiency throughout the duration of creating your customized solution. Learn the steps you can expect from Trim-Lok’s custom order process:

  1. Send your custom order request to Trim-Lok
  2. Supply a part or drawing of the part (include a sample of the mating part)
  3. Trim-Lok adds your project into our database and conducts an engineering review
  4. Trim-Lok sends you a quote in less than one week (time may vary based on project)
  5. Approve your quote
  6. Trim-Lok creates and sends you a detailed drawing of the part, including materials, tolerances and dimensions
  7. Approve your drawing
  8. Trim-Lok starts the first article process (4–6 weeks) 
  9. Trim-Lok begins tooling/fabrication
  10. Trim-Lok completes quality assurance and die trials to catch design flaws or production anomalies
  11. Trim-Lok sends you the first article
  12. Approve your first article
  13. Trim-Lok schedules production for your custom order
  14. Trim-Lok delivers your custom order (no more than 6 weeks from production to delivery)

Want to start a custom order? The Trim-Lok team is ready to discuss a customized solution for your application. Contact a rep today.

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