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About the Locking Gasket Tool Kit

Designed to ensure a safe, easy and efficient installation, our locking gasket tool kit is for stationary windows and other glass applications.

This locking gasket tool kit provides two helpful window gasket installation tools to ensure you can easily and quickly install your locking gaskets. They also help if you are installing glazing gaskets to cushion dry-mounted glass in fixed wood or metal frames.

Use the wooden handled gasket tool to assist with assembling glass panes in glazing sections. The tool helps ensure the glass pane slips smoothly into and is cushioned evenly by the glazing gasket.

Use the metal handled locking key tool to securely seal glass panes in glazing gasket sections. Slip the eyelet and filler into the groove. Apply pressure continuously along the window's edge, ensuring a firm connection or seal.


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Watch the video to learn how to use our locking gasket tools to secure a trim seal during a window installation or repair.