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One-Piece Locking Gasket .935” x .300” (LK1615)

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About This Locking Gasket

One-piece locking gasket, measuring .935” (h) x .300” (w).

This one-piece locking gasket is a rubber extrusion designed to lock in the installation of stationary windows or windshields. With this rubber window gasket, you can add a secure seal between your metal or fiberglass body panel and your glass or plexiglass window. 

This locking gasket window seal is beneficial for a variety of industries, particularly for automotive, commercial work trucks, recreational vehicles and more. Learn more about rubber window gasket specs and installation below.

LK1615 *
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Price: $164.90

Part Number: LK1615


Our one-piece locking gasket is a rubber extrusion designed to lock in the installation of stationary windows or windshields. Locking gaskets provide a secure seal between a metal or fiberglass body panel and a glass or plexiglass window.

Our locking gasket window seals are available in one- piece and two- piece styles with a lock strip, and are highly resistant to numerous environmental conditions. 

Use this gasket window seal to create a reliable seal and prevent dust, dirt and debris from entering the vehicle. Rubber window gaskets also help to keep weather conditions out, from rain and snow to dew, mud and other moisture. 

Trim-Lok’s one-piece locking gasket with a height of .935” accommodates ¼” glass windows or windshields, making it ideal for applications in cars, work trucks, RVs and other vehicles. 

Resistance to Ozone – Excellent
Water Absorption – Excellent
Sunlight Aging – Excellent
Low Temperature – Excellent
General Temperature Rating -30° to 158°
Material G.P 70 Durometer EPDM, Black, dense EPDM rubber to meet ASTM
D2000 M2BA710 C12, EA14, F17, Z1, Z2, Z3; Z1= Comp. Set 22 hrs. @ 100 C, 30% max., Z2= Non-blooming, Z3= 73 +/- 3 (uncured) shore A.
Must be capable to meet EPDM per SAE J200BC715 C12 C 20.
Hardness 70+/- 3
Elongation 200 (250 according to D2000)


1450 PSI min.

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Learn how to install a Trim-Lok Two Piece Locking Gasket and see additional size options

Locking Gasket Installation Instructions

Not sure of the best way to install rubber window gaskets from Trim-Lok? Watch the video below to learn how to properly install your one-piece locking gasket.

Part # Glass Panel Thickness Body Panel Thickness Min Reccomended Clearance Between Glass & Edge Overall Height Min Reccomended Radius of Panel Opening

Weight per Foot

LK1522 0.1875" - .250" 0.035" - 0.067" 0.3125" 1.07" 2.5" 0.275 lbs.
LK1663 0.1875" - .250" 0.09" - 0.14" 0.25" 0.9" 1.5" 0.196 lbs.
LK987 0.1875" - .250" 0.09" - 0.14" 0.3125" 1.07" 2.5" 0.246 lbs.
LK1536 0.1875" - .250" 0.1875" - 0.25" 0.406" 1.09" 3.5" 0.255 lbs.
LK1615 0.1875" - .250" 0.06" - 0.09" 0.3125" 0.906" 2.5" 0.275 lbs.
LK1621 0.1875" - .250" 0.046" - 0.075" 0.125" 0.937" 2.0" 0.260 lbs.
LK1660 0.1875" - .250" 0.075" - 0.140" 0.145" 1.00" 2.0" 0.293 lbs.