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rv parts and trim accessories RVs need protection from the weather in several places, from doorways to edges to slide-out rooms. Explore our OEM and aftermarket RV parts, weatherproofed and designed for heavy use.

RV Rubber Trim Molding and Water Protectants

RV Drip Rails or Gutters

You can easily install drip rails above your RV’s windows and doors to act as rain gutters that control water runoff and eliminate condensation streaks. This aftermarket RV part can be added to your RV easily with the pre-applied 3M Acrylic Automotive-Grade Foam Tape. RV gutter trims are no longer standard features for modern vehicles, so our RV customers find that these easy-molding RV drip rails protect their heads and interiors in snowy and rainy environments.

RV Snap-In Seal for Slide-Out Units

rubber flap seals for rv slide out rooms

Our Snap-In Seal makes slide-out seal and gasket maintenance easier than ever with our patented "all-in-one" living hinge Snap-In Slide-Out Seal System, combining a 3-ribbed bulb seal and flap into one design. The 3M™ pressure-sensitive adhesive is both an installation aid and water barrier. Our Snap-In Seal Kit includes our co-extruded plastic bottom flap. Also known as RV wiper seals, Trim-Lok’s bottom flap seal is used to seal RV slide-out rooms to protect the RV from water when the slide is out. Whether you’re an OEM or RV owner, you can add this durable, weatherproofed plastic wiper seal or replace worn and dysfunctional ones using the size you need.

RV Trims and Rubber Seals

Add protective plastic trim, or RV exterior corner trim, made of strong material like PVC to protect the edges of your RV or camper. You can even select the decorative finish that matches your RV, or customize the dimensions to your needs. Installing Trim-Lok’s durable and economic plastic edge trim is easy and doesn’t require special tools.

Seal your RV doors and compartments using Trim-Lok’s trim-seal, flexible PVC plastic with EPDM sponge rubber bulb tubing that reliably seals against extreme temperatures and weather. This rubber seal acts as an RV door trim and results in a clean, finished look.

RV Hand Rail Covers

grip wrap for rv hand rail covers

Are you looking for a reliable stair rail hand cover to add to your RV or to replace the existing cover?  Because most stair hand rail manufacturers use material that’s not durable or weatherproofed, they quickly deteriorate.  With Trim-Lok’s grip wrap, you can replace or add a hand rail cover without taking your stair rail apart. For superior resistance to weather conditions, select the smooth EMPD rubber tubing material over NPVC material. Our sizes range 16–26 inches in length and inside diameters of .625–1 inches.

Grip Tape

Sweat absorbent and slip-proof, our rubber grip tape is another reliable option for your RV’s handrail.

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